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Taking a Closer Look at Doxo…

Doxo is a new and popular app that has the aim of allowing you to easily organize each of your various accounts in one place. This makes it a lot easier to manage your different accounts and make bill payments. Once you connect your account to the different providers, you’ll be able to receive any documents and bills being sent to you in your Doxo account. Here is a little bit more about Doxo as a company.

What Features Does Doxo Have?

• With the Doxo app, you are able to streamline your bill paying and account management in one place. You can safely store all your important info and account details in the app, so they don’t get lost. Gone are the days of losing receipts and invoices, as well as business cards and insurance cards. Doxo prevents this from happening.
• There is the option to print out your documents, or share them via email within the app if required.
• With the document viewer, it allows you to optimize and improve the presentation of your PDFs.
• Many of us like the functionality to write notes & add little reminders, and this is possible with Doxo.
• For ease of adding new entries and documents to Doxo, it is possible to scan and upload your docs in just a few seconds.
• You can also automatically backup your documents to your own personal cloud storage.

Account Management Features

• There is a safe and secure area to store your important account numbers and logins within the app, so they don’t get lost.
• For peace of mind, it is possible to back up all your Doxo files to your hard drive. We would always recommend doing this.
• If you need to contact a company, it is possible to get their Twitter handle without having to venture off the app to go and look for it.

What Other Stuff Can the Doxo App Do?

• It is possible to receive and pay bills with connected providers allowing you to keep track of expenses.
• Each Doxo account comes with Unlimited storage for all of your documents and files. There are no limits!
• The Doxo app takes security very seriously. We would liken it to “Bank-grade security”. It’s that good…
• What is more, it is always free, and there are no annoying adverts like other free apps out there.

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